Papers & conferences

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International conferences
C. Goulas, W. Ya, B.A. di Castri, V. Venkata Subramanian, and M.J.M. Hermans:
Influence of the material deposition strategy on the microstructure and mechanical
properties of S690 steel by Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing, European Conference on
Structural Integrity of Additively Manufactured Materials (ESIAM19), Trondheim, NO. Oral
presentation, abstract published in proceedings.

C. Goulas, M. Agnani, W. Ya, I.M. Richardson and M.J.M. Hermans, Compositionally
Graded Manganese Aluminium Bronze by in-situ alloying during Wire and Arc Additive
Manufacturing optimized for corrosion resistance, IIW 2019 intermediate meeting,
Greifswald, D. Oral presentation, slides published in meeting proceedings.

C. Goulas, S. Kiakidis, W. Ya, Y. Gonzalez-Garcia, M.J.M. Hermans and I.M. Richardson,
Mechanical and corrosion behaviour of Mn Al-Bronze produced by Wire and Arc Additive
Manufacturing. IIW 2018 annual assembly, Oral presentation, full article published in
conference proceedings.

C. Goulas, W. Ya, R.H. Petrov, M.C.M. Hermans, and I.M. Richardson, Texture
development in steel components produced by Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing. ICOTOM
Conference, St George, UT, USA. Oral presentation, Abstract published in proceedings.

W. Ya, C. Goulas, K. Hamilton, M.C.M. Hermans, G.R.B.E. Romer, and I.M. Richardson
Microstructure and mechanical properties of CuAl8Ni6 produced by Wire Arc Additive
Manufacturing for marine applications. EUROMAT congress, Thessaloniki, Greece. Abstract
published in proceedings.

M. Agnani, C. Goulas, W. Ya, M.C.M Hermans. Wire and Arc Additive Manufacturing of
Functionally Graded Deposits. EUROMAT congress, Thessaloniki, Greece. Poster
presentation and abstract published in proceedings.


Lincoln Electric

Product AWS Spec
LINCOLN® ER316/316L ER316, ER316L

voestalpine Böhler Welding

Product AWS Spec
3Dprint AM 46 S460 – 8MnSi7 – 1.5113
Union NiMoCr ER100S-G / [ER100S1(mod.)]
3Dprint AM 80 HD S800 – 10NiMnMoCr8-7-6
3Dprint AM P22 P22 – 10CrMo9-10 – CrMo2 – 1.7339
3Dprint AM 316L AISI 316L – 1.4404 – X2CrNiMo17-12-2
3Dprint AM 15-5 PH S15500 – AMS 5659 – AMS 5862 – 1.4545 – X5CrNiCu15-5
3Dprint AM 718 Alloy 718 – N7718 – NiCr19Fe19Nb5Mo3 – AMS5662 – 2.4668
3Dprint AM TI-5 Ti6402 – Titan Grade 5 – TiAl6V4B – R56400 – 3.7175